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"Shaping and achieving Excellence in customer interaction management”
Your customers are your most valuable assets. Therefore, achieving excellence in customer interaction management is key to most organizations. For us it is our passion and a constant ambition. The Digital Era is offering new ways to interact with customers, and new ways to manage the relationship itself, as well as the customer processes. It also brings complexity and raises the stakes in getting every interaction right – customers interact more, they are more aware, and they can be more vocal about their satisfaction and their frustrations. They are more important, and more empowered.  

Organizations can leverage external partnerships to accelerate the adoption of new technologies, new process excellence, and a better and more cost-effective front line – improving efficiency and quality. The right partner must be able to build the bridge between theory and reality. The ones who practice have the smartest insights. Such experience is critical to drive change but also to help form your vision, aim for the right goals, and   explore new horizons. At Comdata, that is the role we claim.

We are developing an international footprint to serve the needs of global players who want a consistent customer experience. Yet we also empower our local country organizations to optimally serve local champions with agility and tailored solutions – our teams are always close to yours.

Our services, from BPO to CRM, from contact centers to consulting, are focused on one goal: to help you increase the value of your customers. We create a smart blend of people, processes and technology.

And because we do not take things for granted, we are always looking to innovate, to find new insights and methodologies for improving ourselves, to achieve excellence, and to exceed your highest expectations.

Massimo Canturi
CEO Comdata Group

What Makes us Unique

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In nowadays everchanging world, digital is reaching maturity and impacts all the sectors, which are reinventing themselves in the depth to adapt to this new reality. This new environment means customer interact more and they expect more in terms of experience with brands: Customer is King, Customer is everything.

Our services, from outsourcing of customer interactions and processes to customer experience consulting, are entirely focused on one goal: helping our client to maximise the customer value, by creating the smart blend of people, process and technology.  We are a special breed of business partners - we are makers: we think and do, we cherish both and that fruitful combination makes us better at our job. Our group combines an international footprint with a strong, decentralized, local expertise, to be as close as possible to our clients.

We desire to transform the present as to design the future of both our clients’ businesses and our industry. Globally and in each country, we are present, we aim to be recognised as the market shaper in Customer Interaction & Process Management.

Our Values


  • We seek Excellence and we make things happen
  • We earn customer trust and build employee  loyalty every day
  • We believe in innovation as a mindset
  • We trust in an international team because  we embrace cultural diversity
  • We support the communities where we  work and live

Facts & Figures

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Our Governance

The Code of Ethics contains a set of ethical and professional principles and values, such as the behavioural guidelines that the Comdata Group recognises, shares and applies at all levels.
The principles of the Code of Ethics are examples of the general obligations of diligence, fairness and loyalty that must qualify the performance of work performance and behavior in the workplace.

Comdata Group Code of Ethics- Ed 02 - February 18 2014

In compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01, the company has also adopted an organisation, management and control model aimed at preventing the commission of crimes considered potentially applicable among those listed in the list of the law.

Global HQ

Comdata Group
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20094 Corsico (MI) Italy
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